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Dedicated Staff Outsourcing

Outsourcing is the use of available external resources to maximize profits. Outsourcing service providers like Next BPO Solutions provide you with the needed resources to help you bring down operating costs to improve your bottom line. We are not just an outsourcing service provider – we are your Customized Outsourcing Service Provider.

Using our unique Dedicated Staff Outsourcing (DSO) service model, we hire every individual based on the skill sets you to require for each defined role. We also involve you in the final selection as well as in deciding the actual salary to be paid to your selected staff. The individual will then be hired as our employee and be assigned to you as your Dedicated Staff. Although they will be working in our office/premises –they will work only for you and your projects. You will have direct contact and supervision of your team daily as we provide facilities (also based on your specifications), project oversight and administrative services.

Our solutions and services are specially designed for your company. Our services are defined to match your specifications and meet your requirements. We provide a full range of outsourced services such as:

  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Knowledge Process Outsourcing
  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing
  • Business Center Setup

We cover these areas so you can focus on growing your business. And with our network of partners, we can provide you with the very best solutions. That way, we become not only your service provider but also your consultant and business partner.

Our services are delivered from our Outsourcing Services Delivery Center (OSDC) in Davao City, Philippines, from our shared facilities with Eiger System in Metro Manila, and with Carolina Wholesale in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

There are many good reasons why it is best to outsource services from the Philippines. Among these will be the quality of college graduates and their superb English communications and technical skills. Lower operating costs also means lower monthly recurring fees which can still translate to high-paying salaries.

We hire only the best. Using online and personalized recruitment processes, we are able to invite, screen and hire only high-caliber talents from all over the Philippines (in some cases from other parts of Asia and Europe) to be assigned to our clients’ projects. Our clients also have the choice of screening each of the candidates assigned to them to make sure that a proper fit is achieved before the staff is deployed to a live project.

Operating 25/7, our OSDC and shared facilities currently support talents providing back-office, IT services, technical and customer support services to our clients in New Zealand, Australia, some countries in Asia, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, some countries in EMEA/NALA, USA and Canada. Our clients include manufacturing, media, health, logistics, technology, travel, health and mobile communications companies.

Contact us today and learn more about the solutions and services we can provide for you and your business.

Our Customized Business Process Outsourcing Service

Companies today want to maintain a lean office operation so that they can concentrate on growing their business. To do this, they will outsource a portion of their operations that are considered as “non-core” but otherwise necessary.

Doing so not only cuts operations costs but also enables companies to get into markets that were otherwise previously inaccessible. The portions of business operations that can be outsourced to us are the following.

  • Customer support
  • Technical Support
  • I.T. Support
  • Back Office
  • Administration
  • Accounting

customer support

The demand for reliable Customer Support has not been as great as it is today, and it only keeps growing. Reliable customer support means phone calls are being answered any time of the day. If your business or product is support intensive, this means no call must be put on hold and that there must always be somebody available to answer.

At the very least, somebody must be available to return a phone call within an hour. The same goes for email support –all inquiries and requests must be answered within an hour receipt. To be able to provide this type of support to the customer, you need to have people always online and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, especially if your clients come from all over the world.

Thanks to the internet and the available technologies, you can now deploy people to provide support to your customers around the world, at a much lesser cost.

From our Operations Center in Davao City, Philippines, we can assign trained Customer Support Staff who can work as your:

  • Customer Support Representative
  • Technical Support Representative
  • Online/Inside Sales Support Staff

technical support

Technology Services are now being delivered through the “Cloud”. This means a higher level of support is required by your clients from anywhere around the world. While it is not possible to send out technical support teams to your client’s site, you can meet their service and support needs anytime from anywhere, even through the Cloud.

These services have to be provided round-the- clock, 24/7. Thanks to the Cloud, you can now provide a local touch for your global services through your technical support team operating from our center in Davao City.

If you provide or manufacture technology-based products or services (such as Web Hosting, consumer technology products, system integration, software development) you can benefit from our cloud-based technical support services.

Our well-selected and highly-trained personnel can easily be trained to qualify as your certified Technical Support Representatives. Because we operate 24/7, you are assured that no matter what and no matter where they are, your clients are properly serviced and are given world-class attention.

I.T. Support

Never has there been a time when having an affordable and fully functional IT Support Team is more possible than now. Support by the vast selection of available technologies, we can hire a group of highly-skilled IT team from Davao City & Manila, Philippines, and Charlotte, North Carolina to provide IT Support services to your users and manage/secure your entire IT assets. With the use of visual remote monitoring and management tools, your IT Support Team can assist, train and support your desktop users – from this side of the world – wherever they might be.

IT Support does not need to be expensive – when you outsource the service. Here at Next BPO Solutions, we hire and deploy highly qualified technical personnel who will provide your company with 24/7 support service. So whether it is your Server that needs patching, your applications software that needs updating, your computers that need maintenance, your routers that need to be managed, or your entire network that must be secured, you know that you have a team of equally qualified and trained professionals taking care of all of your technical needs for you.

Back Office

For small to medium companies, setting up back-office operations may add up to increased costs and affect long-term business viability. Using the latest software and online technologies, you can now have a team supporting your front line at any time of the day.

This means your front line and production personnel are able to work more efficiently as they are able to tap into your support resources almost 24 hours a day. An order can be received from your client in New York, which is received and processed by your back office staff in the Philippines and handled for production by your manufacturing team in Thailand or China. The client then gets a confirmation the following day that their order has already been sent by courier and should be received within the next 24-48 hours.

By outsourcing your back office, you unbundled can increase your teams’ productivity. WhileYou also freeing up the unnecessary expensive real estate and office maintenance costs. Among the back office functions you can outsource are:

  • Billing and Collection
  • Procurement
  • Data Encoding and Order Taking
  • Accounts Payable
  • Customer Service

Customized Knowledge Process

Being the first to market a product and/or solution, you need to be able to provide value and should always be ahead in the game. To do so, you need to have a formidable support infrastructure which will include having the right people in place. You can have the most advanced systems in the world, but without the right people with the right talents to run and support them, you will end up with nothing.

The challenge that most companies face today would be the availability of talented individuals, especially in advanced technical fields like Information Technology. This is the classic supply and demand principle in play – the demand is high but there is not enough supply of skilled technical people – driving their employment prices high.

At Next BPO Solutions, we help in finding and dedicating for you technical people who can meet your support requirements in the following services at one-third of the price you would have to pay for somebody working onshore/onsite:

  • I.T. Support
  • Applications Development
  • Systems Integration
  • Web Design and Web Development

Applications Development

Regardless of your size, the industry will not reward you with success if you are slow. You should not only be quick to react, but you need to be able to develop new systems in advance which you can use to leverage your position and stake in the market. In the end, proper implementations will boil down to the efficient development of systems that will empower your people – wherever they might be around the world. You will need a team of Systems Developers who can quickly design, develop and deploy applications for your:

  • Accounting Systems
  • Inventory Systems
  • Distribution Systems
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Enterprise Resource Management
  • Research and Development
  • Recruitment and Human Resource Management

While many of these systems may be available “off the shelf”, not all of them have been designed with your specific business and needs in mind. Whether you like it or not, buying and deploying off the shelf applications will always require an effective team that can reconfigure, customize, deploy and support not only your applications but also your users across your entire organization. You do not even need to keep this person onsite, especially if your operations are widely dispersed over multiple geographic locations.

Web Design

Your website is your online brand. It is your identity. It is also your company’s reputation. Years ago, websites were stand alone and for many companies, having a simple website was good enough. For many also, flashy websites were their way of showcasing their business online. If you don’t have a website, you are not a reputable company. For new and old businesses alike, website design/deployment has become a vital component in every branding initiative and strategy.

Today however, the web community is moving toward standardization, not only in the way websites are being developed but also on how they are being designed. Standards for usability and user-friendliness has to be considered. A standards-compliant website will help confirm that you are a reputable company, proof of the careful thought and planning put into it.

Your website must support social media networks and be search engine friendly. Whoever thought that you have to make sure those “robots” and “spiders” should be able to “crawl” your website if you want your site to be indexed and added to major search engines’ database? Ignore the robots and your site will sink into the oblivion of cyberspace.

And then there’s Internet Marketing. You may not have considered Adwords, Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Campaign before, but now, if you want to be able to attract more visits to your website. Especially if you intend to sell your products online, you will have to go back to the drawing board and reconsider the entire design of your website. If print and media advertising is important but expensive for you, you cannot afford to ignore the benefits of online marketing. Good web design will determine whether or not people who visit your website stay to buy your products.

Web Development

That’s right, web development is different from web design. Very rarely can you find a talent who is good in both. A good web developer may know a little of web design, and vice versa. But for your website to be able to accomplish your online goals, you will need a team of exceptionally talented web developers who will be able to integrate online service into your website such us:

  • Online Store
  • Payment Gateway (with SSL)
  • Data Capture
  • Social Media Network Integration
  • Content Management

If your website still looks the same and still has the same content from last year, you are behind the online game already. Web sites must be current. That said, it needs to be constantly updated. Over time, you will end up with hundreds, if not thousands of pages on your website, which will make maintenance and management a challenge for you and your marketing team. This will be easier said than done, except if you have a good Content Management System (CMS) in place. The good news is, most of the solid and reliable CMSes (like Joomla and WordPress) are free (Open Source). With the support of a good web developer, managing your online image will be easier. And with a CMS in place, you might even be able to do it yourself once deployed.

Internet Marketing

The driving force of your online branding initiative. Internet marketing is not just about branding. It’s about competing to be in the top 10 results in every search engine. When somebody types in a keyword related to your products or services, chances are the search engine will display a result of up to half a million pages. If you don’t get your internet marketing strategies right, your website will not rank even in the top 100 results. There are thousands of other pages out there vying for the attention of your target audience and prospective clients. How do you get them to visit your website?

If you promote your products and services online, you simply cannot ignore internet marketing. If you don’t know anything about search engines and how they work, you should waste no time to learn now. If you don’t have an internet marketing team, now is the time to hire one, before the competition snatches the talents away.

At Next BPO Solutions, we provide you with key talents for key positions to plan and implement your internet marketing plans, such as:

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC Specialist)
  • SEO Content Producers

So you are faced with the great challenge of keeping up with the knowledge required to succeed. And you are left with only two options, really: to acquire or to outsource. For most companies, acquisition turns out to be an expensive proposition and outsourcing has proven to be the most cost effective solution.

Contact us today to find out more about our services and so we can help in determining and providing a solution specifically customized for your business requirements.

System Integration

You will need to integrate all of your systems (software and hardware) into your entire business process to make sure they all seamlessly fit into your operations. This will also ensure that all resources are properly utilized. There are simply a lot of areas to cover:

  • Telco Infrastructure (design, acquisition and deployment)
  • Telecommunications Systems (standards and quality assurance)
  • Network and Data Security Systems (touches all areas of operations)
  • Vendor and Supplier Integration/Management
  • Project Management

Customized Recruitment Process

In spite of all the talks about technology, systems and processes, the success of your business will still be driven by your most vital asset – your people or talents. Regardless of what their functions may be, you simply cannot refer to them as resources anymore. They are your talents. And if you don’t take care of them, someone else will. And if you don’t have them yet, you have to be able to find a way to attract them to join your company. They have to appreciate your vision and be engaged in achieving your mission.

At Next BPO Solutions, we fully understand that you may not be able to hire the right talents every time you need them. You have to search them out. And this is where we come to help you. By gaining a better understanding of your business and skills requirements, we develop the profiles of the talents you will need and use these as our parameters in searching, screening and selecting the staff for your consideration. Using our proprietary screening and testing processes, we ensure that every talent we send for your screening and consideration is among the top 10% of our candidates/applicants.

Staff Leasing

We screen, select and hire your required talent. We sign them up as our employees. Yet, we employ them in a transparent manner in that we let you decide how much they get as a full-time monthly salary along with their benefits. We then assign them to you as dedicated staff, working only on your projects and as part of your team. We provide them with the needed communications facilities to ensure that they are able to perform their duties. We also provide them with the options of working at home as your full-time employees. That way, you will have access to talents from all over the Philippines and across Asia.

Business Center Setup

For some companies, the end-result to be considered when outsourcing to the Philippines might be the eventual setup of its own operations office in the Philippines after 3 to 4 years. This is because the remote Staff would have already grown in numbers and it will become more sensible (business-wise) to manage them directly from your own facilities.

We can structure our agreement to start off as purely as a Staff Leasing Agreement, which will then evolve into a Business Center Setup. Under this arrangement (which is more like a Build-Operate-Transfer program), we hire your Employees and they work as your Dedicated Staff for at least 2-3 years. Before the end of 3 years (with all of the processes for managing a remote office already in place), we will take the lead in setting up your own office in the Philippines (since we know the local processes for registration, office acquisition, renovation and utility installation).

Once you have all of the required operational and administrative infrastructure in place, we will transfer all of your remote staff to your new business center or branch/support office here in the Philippines, as direct employees now of your company. You end up with a well-trained Staff that already share your company’s values and culture who have proven themselves capable of staying for the long-term.

Outsourcing Service Provider Selection

Although we provide outsourced services, we have to accept the fact that we cannot really provide them all. Your needs may be beyond what we can provide. But you don’t really know who can provide the services for you also, and we know the other service providers in our area. Through a retainer’s arrangement, we will pre-qualify service providers for you so you can make better decisions and also speed up your decision-making process. We can help implement your projects anywhere in the Philippines. We know the area, we know the people, we know what’s available, and we also know who really is capable.

Our Outsourcing Services Delivery Process

Service delivery is a never-ending cycle. At Next BPO Solutions, we adhere to our 4-Phase service delivery process to ensure that the solutions and processes implemented adhere to clients’ specifications, and those constant improvements are carried out in response to the client’s constantly changing needs and business landscape.

Our 4-Phase Outsourcing Service Delivery Process(TM) includes:


The initial process of our partnership with our clients where we conduct the following:

  • Analysis — More than just cutting costs, one of your goals for outsourcing some processes or functions of your business/operations is also to achieve more efficiency. We will help you determine key processes and identify the functions that you can outsource to us.
  • Needs Assessment— identification of needs, processes and personnel/talents required
  • Solutions Proposition/Selection— will involve screening of highly qualified candidates (our interview rate is 10% and hiring rate is 2-3%, which means out of the 100 applicants for each position we open, we only call 10 applicants for interview process and of that, only 2 or 3 will be hired)


Outsourcing might be easy, but only if the transition is properly planned.

  • Process Design— we work closely with the client in designing/implementing an operations process, especially for those who would be outsourcing for the first time to the Philippines.
  • Training and Simulation— selected processes will be tested until perfected, looking at different scenarios to make sure that contingency plans are in place to address any disruption.


For many, this is called the ‘Live Operations’ of the engagement, basically, where outsourced people and process are already at work.

We help deploy your selected Staff with an assurance that they have received not only the proper training that they need but also that they have all the necessary resources in place. By following a carefully made plan, we ensure that your program is implemented with strict adherence to the standards and policies that you have laid out.


Done in tandem with the implementation of the outsourcing contract, this part of outsourcing process ensures adherence to Service Level Agreements and the continuous improvement of the services, and involves the following basic activities:

  • Management
  • Monitoring
  • Continuing Education/Training
  • Expansion

As part of our project management services also, we also help you in establishing your processes and benchmarking of your service delivery output using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) of Lean Six Sigma.

We don’t follow a cookie-cutter approach for your requirements. Our outsourcing solutions are unique for each of our client’s needs.